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The Ultimate Summer BUZZKILL

It happens every year around this time.  Moms and Dads get a glimmer of hope, and kids’ faces fall faster than a water balloon dropped from an airplane.  I wish I would have known ahead of time, because I totally would have been videoing my son’s face when we walked into Meijer yesterday.. the look…MORE

Selfish Post Alert!

Fifteen years ago, my wife Chrissy and I stood in front of our family and friends to proclaim our love for one another and say ‘I Do’. If you would have pulled me aside 15 years and one day ago to tell me about the family we would build and adventures we’d share together, I…MORE

FGL’s ‘Simple’ Video is Different, sorta

So many music videos, no matter what type of music, take place during a party.  You usually find your favorite artist ‘performing’ their tune at these parties.  Florida Georgia Line’s video for their song ‘Simple’ follows this pattern, with a little bit of a different twist.  In a flashbacky, barn dancy, light up the night…MORE

Extreme Temps = Car Thermometer Pix!

In a day and age where we love to share everything, one thing that I get a kick out of is how people ‘brag’ about the extreme temperatures. A perfect example of this from Michiganders has gotta be the obligatory ‘Car Thermometer Photos’ that start popping up all over social media! We see it when temperatures…MORE

Truly the ‘Longest Days’ of the Year!

There are so many things to love about Summer in West Michigan.  One of my personal favs has gotta be the fact that we’re on the Western edge of the Eastern Time Zone, which means bonus daylight.  Extra time to play (or work) outside!  I can start cutting my grass after 8pm… and still have plenty of…MORE